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Webinar: What Does the Future Hold for Medical Imaging?

Webinar: The Private Practice of Tomorrow

Two Physician Founders Explore Cloud-Powered Telemedicine and Virtual Healthcare Services

Join us on Wednesday, May 25 at 12 pm Eastern / 9 am Pacific to hear from a panel of healthcare innovators, Dr. Elisha Yaghmai of Vigilias and Dr. Bruce Saffran of Life-Link.

These founding physicians will discuss how they see recent advances in cloud medical image management powering the private practices of tomorrow, with a focus on telemedicine and virtual services that have the potential to change healthcare delivery for the better.

Register today for this informative panel discussion and participate in live polls, on-air Q&A and more!


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DICOM Grid named #1 Medical Image Exchange Vendor in 2014 & 2015/2016

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What is medical image exchange?

Download DICOM Grid's eBook on Streamlining Medical Image Exchange in the Cloud to find out.

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 Grow Network

Use medical image sharing portals to accept receive exams from patients and referring physicians. 



Save Time

Exchange exams in real-time and eliminate the need for CDs and costly courier service charges.




Improve Care

Streamline collaboration on cases involving imaging to help reduce unnecessary and duplicate tests.


DICOM Grid is transforming medical image management by improving collaborative care delivery and enabling next generation workflow for leading providers, researchers, and developers across the world.




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