Say goodbye to CDs.  DG ImageShare let’s you share medical images the way you always thought you should.

DG ImageSharea web-based service for medical image sharing allows patients as well as providers, to electronically access, view, and share image exams and associated reports.  The secure, electronic sharing of images provides a simple alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant benefits to both care providers and patients.

*DG ImageShare is a key component of the RSNA Image Share project, a national initiative designed to help patients take control of their medical images and reports.


DG Image Share

Benefits for Providers

  • Share image exam results with colleagues, referring physicians, and specialists
  • Streamline the ingestion of imaging data on physical media (CDs, DVDs)
  • Add image exam results to electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Provide patients with more control of their imaging data
  • Offer patients involved in the RSNA Image Share project a secure platform for image sharing


DG ImageShare for Patients

Did you recently undergo an imaging procedure? Do you need access to your X-Ray, MRI or CT? If you’re participating in the RSNA Image Share project you can use DG ImageShare to retrieve your medical image exams online.

Benefits for Patients

  • Gain 24/7 access to your medical image exams and reports
  • Streamline image sharing with specialists and second opinion doctors
  • Avoid duplicate radiation exposure resulting from lost or unreadable CDs/film
  • Create a personal health record and track your medical imaging history in one place
  •  Create accounts for your loved-ones to improve their care coordination


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