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Imaging is an important component of the patient’s health record – and your patients want access! Patient portals for image sharing are not only cost effective and convenient, but they can also provide a competitive advantage for your organization.

Eliminate CDs
Secure, electronic sharing of images provides a simple alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant benefits to both care providers and patients.

Receive Images From Patients Prior to Appointments
Speed up the patient check-in process by requesting access to images before an appointment. 

Provide Patients with Better Control Over Image Data
Once a patient shares medical images with your institution, you can give him/her the ability to create an account to store medical images in a personal health record. Your patients can access their accounts at anytime to view and share their images.

Optimize Your Second Opinion Program for Imaging
As an extension of your portal, you can also embed medical image sharing functionality into your online second opinion program. This allows you to collect patient information, a synopsis of their symptoms, medical history, and medical images altogether.

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Are You Participating in the RSNA ImageShare Project?

DICOM Grid has been involved in the RSNA Image Share project, a national initiative designed to help patients take control of their medical images, since 2010. Learn more about our unique offering designed specifically for participants of the RSNA Image Share project.

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View the helpful results of our patient portal survey by downloading this free infographic.

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“One of the most exciting aspects of DICOM Grid is that the automatic sharing of images means that patients no longer have to travel to the office where the original images were taken to pick up films or a CD of their radiology studies to take to their physicians.”


Brian Petrie
Telemedicine Administrator at Frederick Memorial Hospital

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